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Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed URS celebration beginning .  -  Three-days Ceremonies Of URS Of The Famous Saint And Sufi Poet Of the South Punjab Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed will be Starting  From 6th February.KFF is The Host Of The Celebration Ceremony.  Diwan-e- Fareed new research, which the Author is Mr. Mujahid Jatoi are celebration ceremony will be held on February 7th in Qaser-e-Fareed. KFF is the  host of the celebration ceremony. The Delegation Of Khwaja Farid College Rahim Yar Khan, Visit The Kot Mithan. A Delegation Of The Professors And Lecturers In The Leadership Of Mr. Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Principal Khwaja Fareed College Rahim Yar Khan Visited The Kot Mithan. After Darbar –e-Fareed Thay Also Visit The Khawaja Fareed Museum And Then They Attended a Ceremony Arranged by KFF, in Qaser-e-Fareed.  

Why troubles come to us from heaven?


Honorable readers, it is true that all the blessings and troubles come from God Almighty. In every blessing one’s thanks to his God and in every trouble one’s also showed patience. If we look very close there is a remedy in trouble for the human being. God always gives you trouble as your tolerance level either individual and or masses.

"God is relationships. But our God is a far better refuge than any of those. It is not that Relationship we’ve invested so much time in that is our refuge and strength. It is not a job or a house that is our ever present help in time of trouble. It is not the economy that gives us our strength. It is not the age, appearance, condition or health of our bodies which provides us help. It is God Who provides us with a place to run, a place to hide.

If God is love, then why doeour refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Do you remember the old saying, "between a rock and a hard place?" That is the Kind of pressure. When life presses in upon us, when Trouble comes, and then we can know that we have a place to run to. It is not Australia. It is not Colorado. It is not even your own backyard. God is our refuge and strength. It does not matter what form the trouble takes, or how it is delivered, or how long it stays. God alone is our accessible, protected place of refuge and retreat. We can hide there and know that nothing can get through to us unless it goes through Him first. Some may depend on their bank accounts, their jobs, their families, their s He allow trials and troubles to come our way? Why are lives so full of negatives? Why do sickness, disease and death happen? Why do we have heartaches and tragedies? Why, why, why?

If God is so good, why doesn't he make everything good for us? The short answer is sin.

Wherever we live in the world we are becoming more socially homogenized and must be aware of what is occurring socially and morally in other cultures. Historically, moral absolutes have been based on God’s word, the Qura’n. Today there is an effort to minimize, question and eliminate the Bible and characterize Christians as finger pointing, radical, delusional chumps.

America’s culture has become profane and offers legalized on-demand murder through abortion, living room pornography through television, vulgar music through our radios and sleazy, violent, anti-family movies at our movie theatres. American movies today, which are shown all over the  world, are filled with senseless anti-Biblical liberality, seething with, vulgarity, excessive violence and gratuitous sex. They shape the minds of viewers and have long-term negative societal impacts. The people producing this trash hide behind the term censorship and use it as a license to circumvent morality and decimate the moral values of viewers.

Their efforts have been lethal in removing prayer from the lips of America’s impressionable children in their schools and public events. They have worked passionately for the gruesome murder of millions of America’s unborn children through various types of abortion and abortion for America’s young schoolgirls without parental consent. They have fought against nativity scenes on public property, sex offender registries, broadcast decency laws, tax exemptions for churches and posting the Ten Commandments on public property.

In conclusion, “our nations” are being poisoned and immorality is marching on in lockstep. If God-fearing people will put the cause above them for a period of time and openly come together on these issues for the good of our cultures, then our world will change for the better…are you going to help?

Honorable Readers today our generation have adopted all those immoral actions in their daily life. It is a thought provoking question arising for us that how to eliminate evils from our young generation. Islam is the religion of peace and invite to world religion to come and make possible ways to implement peace process in this world. The Global Peace and Unity event is designed to promote "global cohesion across all communities", as well as "break barriers and build bridges between the variety of cultures and groups that follow the Islamic faith." as well as giving Muslims the opportunity to enjoy themselves and provide a platform for them to learn more about their religion. The event aims bring together people from all spheres of the world society in order to inform and educate them about Islam and Muslims, and through this help to bridge the gaps between Muslims and non-Muslims and improve community relations. "Let me make it very clear and sound, let me remove any ambiguity that no leader or a group has any authority to declare jihad. If any leader or a group does that, it is terrorism and not jihad." it is solely the prerogative of a state authority to declare jihad and only

As a matter of last resort when diplomacy and all other efforts to make peace have failed.

“Greed has split mankind into little pieces; Become the statement of brotherhood, become the language of love.”

My Message is also addressed to parents, families and all those involved in the area of education and formation, as well as to leaders in the various spheres of religious, social, political, economic and cultural life and in the media. Attentiveness to young people and their concerns, the ability to listen to them and appreciate them, is not merely something practical; it represents a primary duty for society as a whole, for the sake of building a future of justice and peace. It is a matter of communicating to young people an appreciation for the positive value of life and of awakening in them a desire to spend their lives in the service of the Good. This is a task which engages each of us personally.

How we can do the peace in the world that is the solution interfaith harmony and dialogue. We should stress the need to re-emphasize Islam's core values of compassion, mutual respect, tolerance, acceptance and freedom of religion, terrorism has no place in Islam. We should adopt the way of love, mutual respect, tolerance and common values.  Allama Iqbal Well Said:

 “The secret of life is hidden in your breast—then tell it; tell the Muslims the account of the burning and re‐making of life.”

“This is the destiny of nature; this is the secret of Islam World‐wide brotherhood, an abundance of love!”

Let me say on the occasion that I am very grateful to almighty Allah who selected the persons from the millions i.e Dr Amjad Saqib,  Sheikh Shahid Hassan, Mr. Nadeem Malik, Mr. Usman Ashraf, Mr. Ejaz Butt, Mr. Iitikhar Qamar , Mr. Javed ur Rehman , Mr. Zaki ud Din Mr. Wokrine Rich, Mr. Vendiline. They all peoples are working above the religious races and colors. This is the true spirit of Islam and eternal message for Humanity. God selected some peoples in the world for serving the humanity they have been living for other not themselves. They have been ready to help the peoples who are calling for help. They convert frustration into the courage, troubles into happiness and trial into struggle. They are reshaping the society. At the end I pray for all those peoples who have contributed in the charity welfare for poor peoples of Kot Mithan. Allah put us on the right way for ever and makes our moral characteristic on the highest level. We should propagate brotherhood and prove it from our actions. I have writeout all the things which are coming into my mind. Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes, prayers and kind words.