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Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed URS celebration beginning .  -  Three-days Ceremonies Of URS Of The Famous Saint And Sufi Poet Of the South Punjab Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed will be Starting  From 6th February.KFF is The Host Of The Celebration Ceremony.  Diwan-e- Fareed new research, which the Author is Mr. Mujahid Jatoi are celebration ceremony will be held on February 7th in Qaser-e-Fareed. KFF is the  host of the celebration ceremony. The Delegation Of Khwaja Farid College Rahim Yar Khan, Visit The Kot Mithan. A Delegation Of The Professors And Lecturers In The Leadership Of Mr. Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Principal Khwaja Fareed College Rahim Yar Khan Visited The Kot Mithan. After Darbar –e-Fareed Thay Also Visit The Khawaja Fareed Museum And Then They Attended a Ceremony Arranged by KFF, in Qaser-e-Fareed.  



 (Research & Written in Urdu by: Prof. Dr. Shakil Pitafi)

(Translated into English by: Prof. Arshad Bukhari)

After the destruction of ancient Kot Mithan, the affected people of the area lay suffering in the makeshift huts near Kotla Hussain for almost two years. At length, responding to their requests Mr. Lean, the Assistant Commissioner of Tehsil Rajanpur issued orders for the establishment of new city on January 20, 1865 (Reference: Misl Haqeeqat Mahal Department, Mauza Kot Mithan Jadeed, 1872, Page No:59). First of all, a survey of the area was conducted. Special care was taken to find such piece of land for the new city where the people could easily take care of their agricultural lands, river trade could also be restored and where there might be no risk of inundation a second time. Taking cognizance of all these facts, the present place was selected. This place was carved out of the common land falling in Mauza Mohib Alia and Mauza Kotla Huassain (Reference: Misl Haqeeqat Mahal Department, Mauza Kot Mithan Jadeed, 1872, Page No:59).  This land was purchased out of Government funds for Rs: 757/=(Reference: Misl Haqeeqat Mahal Department, Mauza Kot Mithan Jadeed, 1872, Page No:59).

Under supervision of Mr. Lean, the layout plan of the city was chartered. This layout plan was prepared  by Munshi Mohammad Umar Khosa who was then serving as a Patwari. (He was a resident of Umar Kot Tehsil Rojhan. Amir Mohammad Khoas, a descendent of Munshi Umar, still lives in Umar Kot, whereas Mohammad Afzal Khosa, another descendent lives in Kot Mithan.) Following the recommendation for the approval of the said layout made by the then Tehsildar Mian Ladha Khan Awan, Mr. Lean the Assistant Commissioner issued final approval. The new city was divided into 36 Mohallas and handed over to the affected people. To check the inundation, a dyke was also constructed around the city. Within the circular road, the city was established on an area of 53 Acres, 1 Kanal and 13 Marlas.