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Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed URS celebration beginning .  -  Three-days Ceremonies Of URS Of The Famous Saint And Sufi Poet Of the South Punjab Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed will be Starting  From 6th February.KFF is The Host Of The Celebration Ceremony.  Diwan-e- Fareed new research, which the Author is Mr. Mujahid Jatoi are celebration ceremony will be held on February 7th in Qaser-e-Fareed. KFF is the  host of the celebration ceremony. The Delegation Of Khwaja Farid College Rahim Yar Khan, Visit The Kot Mithan. A Delegation Of The Professors And Lecturers In The Leadership Of Mr. Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Principal Khwaja Fareed College Rahim Yar Khan Visited The Kot Mithan. After Darbar –e-Fareed Thay Also Visit The Khawaja Fareed Museum And Then They Attended a Ceremony Arranged by KFF, in Qaser-e-Fareed.  



  • Name of Organization
  •  The People
  •  Type and Nature
  •  Vision
  •  Core Programs/ Thametic
  • Mission

Disaster Risk Reduction & Sustainable Livelihoods &Food Securit                     Education                                                   Gender Equality                                    Violence Against Women                         Water, Sanitation and Physical Infrastructure                                  Children & Youth                           Institutional Development

  •  Focus Groups
  •  Govemance
  •    Management
  •  Partner & Partnerships
  •  Membership & Affiliation

 AKHUWAT PAKISTAN                                                                           Vocational Training Council

  •  Experience in Education sector      Experience in Education Sector. Experience in Gender & VAW Issues Experience in Responding Natural Disasters  Experience in Capacity Building
  •  Approach & Strategise
  •  Values & Guiding  Principles
  •  Policies &  Systems
  •  Human Resources
  •  Review & Monitoring
  • The Website.


Kamal Farid Maslik "President SDO"Massage From Aman / Peace     The real differences around the world today are not between Jews and Arabs; Protestants and Catholics; Muslims, Croats, and Serbs.  The real differences are between those who embrace peace and those who would destroy it;  between those who look to the future and those who cling to the past; between those who open their arms and those who are determined to clench their fists.

Name of Organization

Name Of Organization The full name / registered name of organization is“AMAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANAIZATION” The abbreviation is “ADO”.


The People

AMAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANAIZATION was established by a group of young and energetic people who were highly motivated and committed for contributing their time, skills and energies for the development and empowerment of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Pakistan and addressing poverty issues and gender based discriminations.

  Type and Nature

ADO is a development organization. It’s a non-government, not-for-profit and non sectarian,non-partisan organization working for social development of vulnerable and less developed people. It’s a human-centered NGO. ADO could also be labeled as an Implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of international donor agencies and the government.


Poverty Free , Empowered and democratic Society in  Pakistan, which is guided by the values of equity and respect.


Focus Groups

ADO’s focus is on the socio-economically disadvantaged groups of women, youth and children. Keeping in view the overall socio-cultural fabric of the society and the overall power imbalances and discriminations that exist at all levels; the focus, amongst these groups, is again on most vulnerable and the marginalized ones. ADO also focuses on the inclusion of minorities and special groups such as widows and physically impaired persons and elderly people.

Membership & Affiliation

ADO believes that networking, collective efforts, sharing of knowledge, resources and information is a key to the success as for addressing the global7 Developmental issues and challenges are concerned. Keeping this critical fact in mind; the organization always tries to join all such forums and networks which directly link to its mission and objectives. In this regard; the Organization has joined the following important networks operating at local and international levels.




 Core Programs/ Thametic

AMAN DEVELOPMENT ORGNAZIZATION has following seven core programs or thematic focus which helps AMAN in strategically achieving its mission.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change
  •  Livelihoods & Food Security
  • Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Water, Sanitation and Physical Infrastructure              
  • Children & Youth
  •  institutional                                                                                                          


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AMAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION Mission is to ““work for the development & empowerment of Socio-economically disadvantaged & vulnerable people in Pakistan and assist them in Addressing their poverty-linked issues”


ADO is governed by its Board of Directors (BoD). The Board is the key Policy making and governance body of the organization and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of Aman Development Organization on period basis. The BoD consists of Four members (both male and female) and is headed by its Chairperson.(President). The Organization’s board of  directors comprises of development professionals, intellectuals, academicians, activists and media persons. The Executive Director of ADO serves the board as the secretary and ex-officio member. The Board works in the guidelines of the Board Policies Manual.


ADO is lead by its Executive Director who is the formal head of the Management The Executive Director reports to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (BoD) and is responsible for the overall management of the organization. The Executive Director is supported by the manager programs and team of coordinators / managers of different sections / programs of the ADO  and they jointly form a management structure for the Organization.

Partners & Partnerships

Partnerships are the heart-line of ADO. The Organization refers as “PARTNERS” to all those individuals, communities, and organizations and departments which join hands for extending program interventions.

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Beneficiary community, the line departments, national and international donors, the provincial governments, and other key stake holders from civil society are the best examples of ADO’s Partners. These partnerships help organization (financially and technically) to achieve its mission. Since its establishment in year 1992; ADO has remained privileg ed in getting the opportunity to work with a number of diverse partners who not only extended financial support for various projects; but also adequately build the capacity of organization from different perspectives. ADO greatly values and acknowledges the support of its partners who provided their great support to ADO for its previous current projects.



Akhouat Saminar "Awan iqbal Lahore"



                                  EXPERIENCE PORTFOLIO                                                                                                           

  Experience in Education Sector                                                                                 

Fumihiko Maki

The ADO has remained engaged in education sector since year 1992. The Organization has been promoting the healthy competition among the students of Gov.t/Private schools in three UCs  along with the town committee Kot Mithan. We have distributing awards and appreciation certificates in collaboration with district govt. and education department to best three student of each school and also best teacher as well. As per MoU with Tajwar Model Public School Kot Mithan ADO would sponsored 40% on roll students with all respects. Now we are going to provide free education for all, in this program we have signed MoU with Tajwar Public School Kot Mithan. As per MoU in first Phase the middle section of the school is handed over to ADO. We are doing work on basic infrastructure of the school and appealed for the donations to the overseas individuals is under progress. For the sustainability of the schools and its effective operations; ADO always uses the strategies such as the true community participation, public private partnerships and the formation and strengthening/capacity building of the school.The Organization has established a number of primary schools in different project areas and hasalso formed a number of parents’ education committees (PECs) and school managementcommittees (SMCs). For the sustainability of the schools and its effective operations; ADO always uses the strategies such as the true community participation, public private partnerships and the formation and strengthening/capacity building of PECs & SMCs. ADO has established a total of about 73 primary schools in different districts. These schools have catered the primary education needs of 2272 children in about 73 villages. About 78 teachers are engaged in these schools to fulfill the educational needs of the primary students

Experience in Gender & Women Empowerment Issues.

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ADO is engaged in promoting gender equality and addressing women empowerment issues since its inception in year 1992. The Organization has been arranged seminars focused the issues of violence against women (VAW) particularly the issues of honor killing. The Organization has well increased its conceptual understanding and knowledge of the issues of marginalized women and the women vulnerable to domestic violence. The Organization closely worked with School Teachers and Media Representatives to increase awareness and sensitize the local communities and administration for addressing gender issues. Working with police officers was another successful approach of the Organization successfully tested.

Experience in Responding Natural Disasters

  Victor Krulak.jpg              

ADO actively responds natural disasters and emergencies such as flood and earthquake etc. The Organization has been responding emergencies since year 2010. During its engagement in various disaster response interventions; ADO has well skilled itself in designing and implementing the relief and early recovery interventions. ADO has provided its various relief and early recovery services to about (5000) families i.e. about (35000) thousand individuals in Kot Mithan , Wang , Murghai , Noor Pur district. Rajan pur

Experience in Capacity Building

Building capacity of partners and different stake holders is the cross cutting theme for all ADO core programs. Aman Development Organization has been involved in capacity building activities since year 2011. ADO has conducted a large number of training workshops for police officers, media representatives, school teachers local NGOs and CBOs, school management committees, community groups, government officers, and project teams of various projects. Over the period of 2 years; the Organization has greatly developed its capacity in designing and conducting different nature training and capacity building events for different groups /stakeholders. The Organization now itself designs and conducts training which cater the capacity building needs of its different partners and clients. Following is the details of some of the assignments related to capacity building and institutional development which organization conducted during different periods for different groups.


Fight against Terrorism and Narcotics

The organization has also worked on anti-terrorism and distributed Khawaja Fareed Award to Police Officers, District Management, Media Representative and honorable citizen. Seminars have also been arranged and walks for awareness among the communities. The Same job have done in 1996 against anti-narcotics the palys has been arranged for public awareness in Jampur, Fazilpur, Rajanpur and Kot Mitahn. The same activity arranged for anti-terrorism in 2003 and 2004. through this activity harmonized between public, district Administration and Police Department which was highly appreciated by provincial Govt. and the masses.


 Approach & Strategies

The Organization strongly believes in the true and active participation of all key Stakeholders particularly the local communities or program beneficiaries. Fair efforts are taken to ensure that stakeholders participate and contribute at all the stages of the interventions. As its strategy, ADO particularly focuses to ensure the maximum participation of women, children and youth wherever required and relevant and particularly if the program has any direct or indirect impacts on their lives. The overall approach of work also identifies the gender sensitivities if any related to the program and strategically addresses the same. ADO, as its overall implementation approach, takes carefully into account the local culture and traditions and fully respects the same.

Following are the key elements of ADO Program Strategies & Work Approach

  •  Thematic Partnerships
  •  Social Mobilization /Community Participation
  •  Awareness Raising & Sensitization
  •  Capacity Building
  •  Dialogues & Engagements
  •  Research & Publications
  •  Networking & Coalition Building
  •  Advocacy & Lobbying

Review & Monitoring

Monitoring of projects in ADO is always the important and priority matter. There is always a built in mechanism of review and monitoring for all the projects ADO implements. The processes of review and monitoring help organization in achieving the project objectives in smooth and timely manner. As the key mechanism of monitoring; the projects are monitored by the implementation teams; the coordinators / managers of the program and the management of ADO.

Accounts & Audits

ADO maintains its all accounts on double entry system. Organization has developed various financial policies, systems and formats etc. which help it in effective management of all its funds and maintaining a complete transparency in receipts and payments at all levels. ADO gets its accounts (receipts and payments) audited by the recognized chartered accountants’ firms on the completion of projects or by the end of each financial year



The flood 2010. Kot Mithan

5000 families have been evacuated from flood affected areas to relief camps. Providing fresh and dry food to flood aftectees. Providing tent and established medical camp for providing emergencies treatment. These activities completed with coordination individual God Fearing Peoples as Mr. Khawaja Azhar from Multan the owner of Faisal Movers, Mr. Dr. Faiz Hashmi from Kotla Naseer Settled in UK, Mr. Niaz Faeed from USA.  All activities have been prolonged for three months.After three months 5000

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onths. After three months 5000 families shift back to their home towns. Coordination services provided to Sukh Chayne Garden for the construction of 300 hundred houses. 60 complete houses handed over to the flood affectees sponsored by Mr. Shahid Hassan Sheikh the owner of Lahore Carpet Manufacturing Co. 25 rooms constructed with the collaboration of Al-Hameed Trust Islamabad. During the evacuation another parallel activity started to save the city of Kot Mithan. ADO with help of its energetic enthusiastic volunteers had made two flood BANDS around the city of Kot Mithan. Therefore thousands of families has been saved by the efforts of ADO and its volunteers.

The flood 2011 In Rijhan Teh:

3000 families have been evacuated from far flung area of tehsil Rojhan affected by hill torrents. Established two tent villages for 2000 families for two months, Providing cooked food and dry food continually. Providing clean drinking water cloths mats and other necessary items. Chief Minister Punjab visited Tent Villages and appreciated to the management of ADO. Secretary Social Welfare Punjab and DG Social welfare also visited and appreciated to the Management of ADO. In this regard The Akhuwat Pakistan and Mr. Nasir Abbas Tarar of Chot Dheran Tehsil Malikwal settled in France ad Mr. Khawaja Azhar the owner of Faisal Movers were our do nors in these activities.  

                                                                                                Victor Krulak.jpg

Values & Guiding Principles

In order to achieve its mission and to make its programs even more human-centered; Aman Development Organization follows certain values and guiding principles in all its interventions and dealings.

These include the following:

  •  Peace & Tolerance
  •  Participation & Inclusion
  •  Transparency & Accountability
  •  Non-Discrimination
  •  Non-Violence
  •  Equity & Fairness
  •  Sharing & Openness

Human Resources

ADO has a core team with various professional backgrounds such as management, finances and HR etc. In addition the ADO hires the project staff as and when required. The Organization also engages volunteers and interns on need basis.

ADO follows its specific set of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which has been revised and updated a number of times up till now in order to make them more staff friendly and organization-centered. Aman Development Organization uses its following manuals of policies:

  •  Manual of Human Resources and Administrative    Policies
  •  Manual of Financial Policies

These manuals contain a number of basic organizational policies and procedures which help in the creation and maintenance of a transparent, accountable and fair working environment in ADO and ensure the effective achievement of overall objectives of the Organization

We  are On Web ,

The Website is owned by AMAN (Peace) DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION the contents of website are a treasure of cultural information regarding City of Khawaja Ghulam Farid. The legacy of Khawaja Ghulam Farid has been uploading on the internet for giving a lot of information to the masses. Efforts have been made to ensure that website contains all the relevant information of the Kot Mithan and the same is easily accessible to the visitor. The website improvement and updating is continuous process and organization is trying to upload in the cyber space its maximum information possible. In future plan we will upload the diversified information regarding NGOs working in district Rajanpur and particularly in Kot Mithan


Broad Objectives

  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Provide Timely Relief Assistance to Disaster Affected Communities and Assist them for their Timely Rehabilitation and Early Recovery
  • Promotion of Livelihoods and Explore Sustainable & Disaster Resilient Livelihood Options
  • Promotion of Education with Special Focus on Girls’ Education
  • Promotion of Gender Equality & Women Empowerment, and Address Gender Based Violence Issues5
  • Provision of Accessible and clean drinking water & quality Sanitation Facilities and Improvement of Community Physical Infrastructure
  • Support Development of Civil Society and Institutional Development