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Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed URS celebration beginning .  -  Three-days Ceremonies Of URS Of The Famous Saint And Sufi Poet Of the South Punjab Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed will be Starting  From 6th February.KFF is The Host Of The Celebration Ceremony.  Diwan-e- Fareed new research, which the Author is Mr. Mujahid Jatoi are celebration ceremony will be held on February 7th in Qaser-e-Fareed. KFF is the  host of the celebration ceremony. The Delegation Of Khwaja Farid College Rahim Yar Khan, Visit The Kot Mithan. A Delegation Of The Professors And Lecturers In The Leadership Of Mr. Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Principal Khwaja Fareed College Rahim Yar Khan Visited The Kot Mithan. After Darbar –e-Fareed Thay Also Visit The Khawaja Fareed Museum And Then They Attended a Ceremony Arranged by KFF, in Qaser-e-Fareed.  
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Khawaja Ghulam Farid


Khawaja Farid, A Mystic and Spirtual Poet

Khawaja Ghulam Farid, the top most spiritual poet of Siraiki Language, was born in 1845 A.D. (26 Zeqat 1261. A.H.) in Their Home Town chachran Sharif, in a family of Arab settlers who had come to this country along with the Arab forces. Maulana Khuda Bux had two sons, Khawaja Fakhar Jahan and ( Khawaja Khursheed –e-Alam Allies “Khawaja Ghulam Farid”. It is said that when Khawaja Ghulam Farid was a child, Maulana Khawaja Taj Mahmood Koreja gave him the first lesson of his life and asked him to say “ALIF”. He repeated the same again and again till every-one present there was enveloped by a trance. Some qawali singers were invited and they too recited the same word on their musical instruments. The trance remained in sway for a considerable time.Khawaja Farid’s mother died when he was only four years of age.

He was looked after by his elder brother . At the age of eight, he had committed to memory the whole of the holy Quran Thereafter Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan took the child to his palace at Ahmad Pur Sharqia for imparting him religious knowledge by some renowned scholar. At the age of thirteen, Khawaja Farid became the disciple of Khawaja Fakhar Jahan, his elder brother. When he crossed 28 years of his age Khawaja Fakhar Jahan died. He left for Ruhi where he remained for about eighteen years. It was a typical wilderness but suitable for a recluse saint. It was very beneficial for connection with Kot Mithan or Chacharan. About this wilderness of Ruhi, we often read in his lyrics. He performed Haj Baitullah in 1876. Khawaja Farid was conversant with seven languages Viz, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Saraiki, Sindhi, Hindi and Sansakrat. He led a life of purity and was utterly devoted to the righteous path of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam. May his soul ever rest in peace.

The lyrics of Khawaja Farid speak of the sadness of his separation from God and Muhammad, the beloved of Allah. He never reckoned himself away from his goal. But at times he felt a great separation and so he cried, groaned and sang in his ecstasy of the love which united him to his creator but with a veil in between them. The body acts as a most obedient slave, the soul gives life to the body and the spirit infuses the mechanical power in man. All these faculties he utilized only for the sake of Allah to approach Him, the only Goal for the man to attain.The spiritual yearning, purification and elevation depends on so many factors which have been explained by saints and spiritualists. The shortest way to the creator is Love and Khawaja used this Method of attaining sublimation. All the attributes of Allah, we know are the off- shoots of Love. Khawaja Farid expressed this love in his fine verses.

Khawaja Ghulam Farid rendered numerous services for spreading Islam and left behind disciples in Laces. His most notable disciples are noted below :-

1. Nawab Qaisar Khan Magassi of Balochistan and his subjects.
2. Nawab Sadiq Khan 4th of Bahawalpur State and his subjects.
3. Mirza Ahmad Akhtar, the grandson of Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Khawaja Farid wrote the following books both in poetry and prose:-

1. Dewan-E-Farid in 1882. (Saraiki Poetry)
2. Dewan-e-Farid in 1884. (Urdu Poetry)
3. Manaqabe Mehboobia (in Persian prose)
4. Fawaid Faridia (in Persian prose)

Khawaja Farid died on 24th July, 1901 and was laid to rest in Kot Mithan


Husn-e-Haqiqi | Khawaja Ghulam Farid


Aye husn haqiqi noor-e-azal                        tanuu wajib tay imkan kahoon

 tanuu khaliq zaat qadeem kahoon                 tanuu hadis khalq jahan kahoon
tanu mutlaq mahaz wajood kahoon                            tanuu almiaa ayaan kahoon

tanuu aien haqeeqat maheeat                      tanuu arrz sifat tay shaan kahoon
anwa kahoon ozhaf kahoon                                     atwar kahoon, ozaan kahoon

tanuu arsh kahoon, ablag kahoon           tanuu naaz naeem janaan kahoon
tanuu takhat jamat na baad kahon             haywaan kahoon, insan kahoon

tanuu masjid mandar dayer kahoon                 tanuu kothi tay koran kahoon
tanuu masjid mandar dayer kahoon              tanuu kothi tay koran kahoon
tasbeeh kahoon, zunda kahoon                    Tanuu kufar kahoon emaan khaoo

tanuu badal barkha dajj kahoon                              tanuu bijli ta baran kahoon
tanuu aab kahoon                                                     tanuu khak kahoon
tanuu baad kahoon weeran kahoon            tanuu dsurat lejman ram kahoon
tanuu seeta ji janan kahoon                       baldev ja souta nand kahoon
tanuu kishn kahenaya kan kahoon               tanuu bhrama vishn ghanish kahoon
       mahadev kahoon, bahgwan kahoon                tanuu geet ka rang tay byaihd kahoon
     tanuu gyann kahoon agyan kahoon                tanuu ibrahim hawahishees kahoon
tanuu nooh kahoon toofan kahoon                            tanuu ibrahim khalil kahoon
    tanuu moosa bin imran kahoon                                  tanuu har dil da dildar kahoon
     tanuu ahmad aali shaan kahoon                              tanuu shahid malk hijaz kahoon
tanuu baies kaun makaan kahoon                        tanuu nazz kahoon andaaz kahoon
tanuu hoor pari walmaan kahoon                                            tanuu nauog kahoon
               tanuu toug kahoon                                    tanuu surkhee bedaaa paan kahoon
     tanuu tabla tay tamboor kahoon                tanuu dholak sur tay tan kahoon

      tanuu husn-te har singhar kaho                   tanuu ashawa ghamza aan kahoon
tanuu ishq kahoon                                                tanuu illam kahoon
     tanuu waham yakin gumaan kahoon                         tanuu husane da ve idrrak kahoon
  tanuu zouk kahoon wajhdan kahoon                 tanuu sadar kahoon, sadraan kahoon
     tanuu hairat tay hairaan kahoon                        tasleem kahoon, talveen kahoon
        tmkeen kahoon, irfan kahoon                      tanuu sumbal soo sand sard kahoon
              tanuu nargis nafarman kahoo                              tanuu lale adaagh ta bagh kahoon
            gulzar kahoon, bustaan kahoon                            tanuu lale adaagh ta bagh kahoon
            gulzar kahoon, ustaan kahoon                              tanuu khanjar teer toofang kahoon
    tanuu barcha baang sanaan kahoon                    tanuu teer fairang kaamaan kahoon
     soofar kahoon, beekan kahoon                             berang kahoon, bemisal kahoon
            besurroot har har aan kahoon                            sukdoor kahoon, qudooos kahoon
           rehman kahoon, subhan kahoon                         Aray tobaa dard Farid sadaaa…
Har shea nu par Nuksaan kahoon                        tanuu bohut alag be aib kahoon
tanuu haq be naam nishaan kahoon                          tanuu bohut alag be aib kahoon
     tanuu haq be naam nishaan kahoon …


Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon


Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon                       Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon

Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon                     Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon

Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar                                 Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon

Mede Farz Fareezay, Hajj, Zakataan                            Soum Salaat Azaan Vi Toon

Meri Zohd Ibadat Ta’at Taqwa                                      Ilm Vi Toon Irfan Vi Toon

Mera Zikr Vi Toon Meda Fikr Vi Toon                          Mera Zouq Vi Toon Wajdan Vi Toon

Meda Sanwal Mithra Shaam Saloona                          Mun Mohan Janaan Vi Toon

Meda Murshid Haadi Peer Tareeqat                            Shaikh Haqaa’iq Daan Vi Toon

Meda Aas Ummed Te Khattaya Wattaya                    Takia Maan Taran Vi Toon

Mera Dharam Vi Toon Meda Bharam Vi Toon            Meda Sharam Vi Toon Meda Shaan Vi Toon

Meda Dukh Sukh Ro’wan Khilan Vi Toon                   Meda Dard Vi Toon Darmaan Vi Toon

Mda Khushiyan Da Asbaab Vi Toon                           Mede Soolaan Da Samaan Vi Toon

Mera Husn Te Bhaag Suhaag Vi Toon                        Meda Bakht Te Naam Nishaan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon                       Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon

Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon                     Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon

Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar                                 Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon                       Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon                                     
Meda Dekhan Bhalan Jachan Jochan                        Samjhan Jaan Sunjaan Vi Toon

Mede Thadray Saah Te Monjh Munjhari                     Hanjroon De Tofaan Vi Toon

Mede Tilk Tilo’ay Seendhaan Mangaan                      Naaz Nihoray Taan Vi Toon

Medi Mehdni Kajal Misaag Vi Toon                             Medi Surkhi Beera Paan Vi Toon

Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon                       Medi Wehshat Josh Junoon Vi Toon (Aaa)
Meda Garya Aa’h O Faghan Vi Toon (Aaa)                 Meda Awwal Aakhir Andar Bahir
Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon Tooon                                 Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon

Aaaa Meda Waal Aakhir Andar Baahir                        Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon

Meda Badal Barkha Khimniyan Gajaan (Aaa)             Barish Te Baraan Vi Toon

Meda Mulk Malir Te Maro Khalra                                 Rohi Cholistaan Vi Toon                                      

Je Yaar Farid Qabool Karay                                        Srikaar Vi Toon Sultaan Vi Toon

Na Taan Kehtar Kamtar Ahqar Adna                          La-Shay La-Imkaan Vi Toon

                                          Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon




You Are My Ardour ....You are my ardour, my friend, faith, creed....You are my body, you are my spirit, heart, soul.........You’re the direction towards which I pray.......You are my Mecca, my mosque, my pulpit.
You are my holy books and my Koran.....You are my religious obligations,....My Hajj, charity, fasting, call to prayer......You are my asceticism, worship, .....My obedience and my piety.....You are my knowledge and you’re my gnosis .....You’re my remembrance, my contemplation, .....You are my tasting and my ecstasy.
You are my love, my sweet, my darling, my honey. ....You are my favourite, and my soulmate!......You’re my spiritual preceptor, my guide , .....You are my Shaykh and my Enlightened One ....You are my hope, my wish, my gains, losses. ....You’re all I see, my pride, my deliv’rance....You’re my faith, my honour, modesty, glory. ....You’re my pain, sorrow, my crying, playing.........You are my illness and my remedy......You are what lulls me to a peaceful sleep.........You are my beauty and my fate, fortune, fame.........You are my looking, enquiring, seeking.......You are my understanding, my knowing..............You are my henna, my collyrium,........My rouge, my tobacco, my betel-leaf! .....You are my terror, my passion, madness ............
You’re my crying and my lamentation......You are my Alpha and my Omega,.......My Inner, Outer, Hidden, Manifest.......If, O’Belovéd, you accept Farid ......You are my Sovereign and my Sultan.